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Weather Task Boxes


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Adapted Science Activities WEATHER


Do you use task boxes for independent work in your classroom? I believe that it should always be a high priority for us as teachers to be supporting independence with our students and this is a great way to structure that! If the student cannot read the word to match, that is just fine! Read it to him/ her and see if they can match the word to the image.

It’s important to teach this explicitly, and by that I mean to model for them what you are expecting them to do, then do it together. Gradually fade your prompts, whether they were physical or verbal so that they can do the matching with only the word being read aloud. The objective is that they understand the meaning of the word, not necessarily that they can read the word. Of course, if they are able to read the word, then go for it!

Thank you so much!

Great product to use for your TEACCH task boxes!
Students clip a paperclip or a clothespin onto the word that matches the picture on the card.
Learn extreme weather terms as well as common weather terms.


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