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Tier 2 Common Core Vocabulary Explicit Instruction – 9 week Unit

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vocabulary 9 week unit bundled set cover

How will teaching vocabulary explicitly change your student’s life? This unit is designed to only take 15 minutes a day. It is based on solid educational research from many researchers, including Robert Marzano. An example of the effect of direct vocabulary instruction is from a meta-analysis from Stahl and Fairbanks which proved that if a teacher used direct vocabulary instruction, a student who was in the 50th percentile could be expected to improve to the 83rd percentile, whereas students without direct vocabulary instruction can expect to maintain at the 50th percentile.

The words within this unit are words that Robert Marzano identified as Tier 2 words based on analysis from Beck et. al., 2002. The primary focus is academic verbs that describe various cognitive processes, such as elaborate, assess, determine, etc. Therefore, this is not comprehensive of all Tier 2 words, but instead limited to the Tier 2 words that describe cognitive processes. The reason for that is that they are not specific to any one content area.

These words tend to be fairly abstract. As a result, I created step by step weeklong lesson bundles for each category of words. Each day builds on the previous days’ lessons, becoming slightly more complex and abstract each day. In day 1, students familiarize themselves with the definition. In step 2, students fill out a Frayer model of the terms. In steps 3 and 4, there are various activities that involve writing prompts and the students are given a direction involving specific terms. For example, they are told to “Evaluate a situation” they have first hand experience in , and then write 5-6 sentences describing the situation and whether or not it was positive or negative. There is a given rubric for each writing task and the tasks are presented on colorful, age appropriate task cards. On Day 5, the final day of the lesson bundles, the students “teach” the word to a teacher and/ or peer. There is a rubric for this as well. There are also data collection forms for the whole class. There is 1 form for each week so the educator can easily identify students who need re-teaching or enrichment.
• Step by step, day by day explicit instruction outlined with pictures
• Day 1 is at Bloom’s Knowledge level
• Day 2 is Filling out Frayer’s model
• Days 3 and 4 involve writing prompts, Blooms level- Synthesis
• Day 5, they teach the words to someone else, Bloom’s level- Evaluation
• Rubrics are included
• Weekly data sheets for quick and easy progress monitoring are included.
Imagine you are giving instructions to a group of students and you say “Ok, class, go ahead and collect your data today. Begin determining what your opinion is and then tomorrow, you will collaborate with classmates to compare your ideas.”

If you are a student who doesn’t clearly understand, in a conversational way, Tier 2 vocabulary, here is what they heard, “OK, class, go ahead and ______ your _____ today. Begin ______ what your opinion is and then tomorrow, you will _____ with your classmates to _____ your ideas.”

Let’s pretend that you are studying one of your favorite topics. Even though you have a deep passion for whatever the topic is, chances are pretty good that you are not going to come to school the next day with whatever your teacher told you to do, because you didn’t understand the directions.

Spend 15-20 minutes a day on these task cards and you can ensure that your students were strategically, and with research based instructional strategies and your students will understand ALL of Robert Marzano’s Tier 2 vocabulary words. This will help you in your classroom, but every teacher your students have from then on forward will thank you immensely for all of your efforts!

Each unit is $2.75 individually, making the 9 week unit, if sold separately, $24.75. However, by buying this as an $18.00 bundle, you are saving $6.75.
This unit was so large, I could not compress it enough for the TpT upload, so I am including in this download, Unit 1, Part 1 only. Email me at Heiman.nikki@gmail.com after your purchase, with your TpT username (I will verify your purchase) I have the rest of the documents stored in Google Drive and I will share the folder to you immediately after verifying your purchase.

I am so sure that you will LOVE this unit, that if you are not satisfied, I will give you 100% of your money back, provided you explain to me how you feel it could be better.
I value your opinion and feedback and will carefully think through all opportunities for growth for me as a teacher and as a writer.

You can expect to find the following words in this complete unit:

Unit 1, Part 1 words are:
– combine
– deepen
– improve
– incorporate
– integrate
– introduce
Unit 1, Part 2 words are:
– arrange
– list
– organize
– sort
Unit 1, Part 3 words are:
– collaborate
– contribute
– engage
– interact
– participate
– share
Unit 1, Part 4 words are:
– associate
– categorize
– classify
– compare
– connect
– contrast
– differentiate
– discriminate
– distinguish
– link
– match
– relate
Unit 1, Part 5
– accomplish
– achieve
– build
– compose
– construct
– create
– develop
– draft
– form
– generate
– initiate
– produce
– publish
– record
– stimulate
Unit 1, Part 6
– choose
– decide
– select
Unit 1, Part 7
– define
– delineate
– determine
– discern
– establish
– exemplify
– identify
– interpret
– label
– locate
– name
– recall
– recognize
Unit 1, Part 8
– broaden
– derive
– elaborate
– enhance
– expand
Unit 1, Part 9 words are:
– Assess
– Check
– Critique
– Evaluate
– judge


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