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English Language Arts Skills Game – 252 Question Cards!


Make English Language Arts Skills Practice FUN! Engage students with this game! 252 Question cards cover a WIDE range of ELA terms and skills. Great practice for Common Core review!

Product Description

PicMonkey Collage

252 Practice cards are a part of this interactive game!
Sentence Structure
Vocabulary (From Common Core Tier 2 lists)
Literary Elements

Includes, but is not limited to these following essential skills for testing success!

gerund subject predicate nouns, object of a preposition, direct object, independent clauses, subordinate clauses, linking verbs, conjunctions, noun, pronoun, interjections, simple subject, coordinating conjunctions, fragment, adjective, verb, modifiers, predicate nominative, compound sentence, simple sentence, imperative sentence, exclamatory sentence, interrogative sentence, declarative sentence, phrase, appositive phrase, participial phrase, prepositional phrase, adverb phrase, gerund, infinitive phrase, common and proper nouns, symbol, symbolism, setting, sensory language, stanza, tone, suspense, tragedy, speaker, simile, refrain, scene, repetitions, science fiction, point of view, rhyme, prose, Rhythm, persuasion, personification, Poetry, plot, narrator, onomatopoeia, nonfiction, oxymoron, narrative, moral, meter, myth, motive, historical fiction, journal, lyric poem, humor, legend, letter, images, limerick, Haiku, folk tale, figurative language, flashback, character traits, description, essay, climax, dialogue, exposition, fable, expository writing, fantasy, biography, comedy, characterization, atmosphere, analogy, autobiography, anachronism, archaism, ambiguity, antithesis, cadence, anecdote, anthropomorphism, cacophony, irony, analogy, ballad, alliteration, allegory, hyperbole, personification, conflict, mood, imagery, narrator, theme, antagonist, setting, delineate, generate, contrasting, draft, connected, theme, incorporate, improving, nuance, integrate, future perfect, present perfect tense, future


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